Internacional Residence of artists El Viajero Alado

Printmaking workshop 

The workshop is located within a spacious house of the nineteenth century, which was the luxury hotel of that time in the city. Five minutes walk from the beach.

It consists of an individual workshop for the resident, in addition to the own workshop of the art gallery, whereby the resident artist has the peace of mind to be able to perform his work without interference from the gallery's own workshop located in another room of the house...

New! Collage workshop with Emilio Gil

Learn the collage technique with the designer Emilio Gil, maximun figure of the Spanish design.


The Workshop is an experience for anyone interested in plastic creation, both professional and mere amateurs.

It is not necessary any type of formation or previous experience.

Hiroshi atmosphere. Experimental and new age.

Mehata Hiroshi in Radio 3, RNE. He talks about his music, his work and his experience in Spain.

Until the end of December, his work will continue hanging on the walls of Abantal restaurant (Seville). Activity framed within the year Dual Spain-Japan 2014.

Would you like to know more about this young Japanese artist? We encourage you to listen this podcast.

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