Andrés Vázquez de Sola

Andrés Vázquez de Sola

Ingenious nobleman from Cádiz

Andrés Vázquez de Sola

Andrés Vázquez de Sola, born in San Roque in 1927, is a legend of graphic humor. He was exiled to Paris in 1959 and he developed much of his career in French newspapers until his return to Spain in 1975. His caricatures are always characterized, on the one hand, by a distinctive and successful technical perfection; on the other hand, by its strong ideological commitment, always uncomfortable for the established powers, as well as the singular texts that often accompany them.

Alejandro Luque. El País, 2004


In Paris, Vázquez de Sola achieved fame to the point that spontaneous readers stopped him on the street and invited him to coffee. He befriended the best of the intellectuality and he received compliments even by Picasso.

“I have to be grateful to Franco for having gone to France, because I have been really happy there. I missed my little bit of Flamenco singing, the touch of campaigns - although I am not religious, I like hearing them - and my whitewashed walls. I missed Andalusia."

Alejandro Luque. M'sur, 2013



Andrés Vázquez de Sola, Gold Medal of Andalusia 2014


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