International Residence of artists El Viajero Alado

International Residence of artists El Viajero Alado

Printmaking workshop 

The workshop is located within a spacious house of the nineteenth century, which was the luxury hotel of that time in the city. Five minutes walk from the beach.

It consists of an individual workshop for the resident, in addition to the own workshop of the art gallery, whereby the resident artist has the peace of mind to be able to perform his work without interference from the gallery's own workshop located in another room of the house...

After many years of research and work on non-toxic printmaking, we have come to the conclusion that by obtaining such good technical results, we must share them with other printmakers interested in growing this exciting world of etching.


It is a project of international collaboration of artists who dedicate themselves or simply have basic knowledge of etching.


We do not give lessons in non-toxic engraving, but simply offer a place of work with facilities in this type of technique, so that the resident artist can do his own work in an inspiring environment, with sun and beach very close.


We rent this space for one week minimun and maximum three weeks for each resident.


The printmaking workshop El Viajero Alado is part of the seven-year-old art gallery of the same name. It is a live and dynamic workshop, specializing in non-toxic engraving, as well as making handmade paper for artists.




1. Target

The Contemporary Art Gallery “El Viajero Alado”calls the selection process for artistic creation and research residence in Puerto Real, Cádiz Bay, Andalusia, (Spain).

The Artists’ Home, “El Viajero Alado” expects to support and encourage artistic creation and research of contemporary artists in the field of printmaking.


2. Timing

Every “El Viajero Alado” residence will take from one week to a month.


3. Program Beneficiaries

Any artist could be beneficiary of this program, no matter origin or age, just willing to develop a creative or research project in the “El Viajero Alado” printmaking workshop.

All applicants must prove artistic training or career in the field of arts and basic knowledge of printmaking.


4. Application

Application forms will be accepted any time of the year.


5. Documents Handling

Every applicant must send a portfolio including a brief biography or CV, pictures of his/her latest works, a short letter showing the motivation and contact information, expressing the time of residence the applicant is interested in.

It must be sent via e.mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. opening Residencia EL VIAJERO ALADO (NO ATTACHED DOCUMENT OVER 10MB WILL BE ACCEPTED. USE PDF DOCCUMENTS IF IT IS THE CASE)


6. Selecion procces and evaluation criteria

The shortlist for “El Viajero Alado” residences will be chosen by a jury formed by Mr Bruto Pomeroy, actor, cultural manager and director of the Art Gallery “El Viajero Alado” and his profesional team. The final shortlist will not be subject to appeal..

Those applicants selected for the residence will be the ones having the highest scoring, taking into account the following evaluation criteria: 60% originality and innovation in his/her artistic or researching work, 30% career and 10% motivation letter.


7. Location

“El Viajero Alado” Residence is located in a former XIX century luxurious hotel by the sea. It is located close to a natural reserve (an old pine forest called “Las Canteras”) and the urban beach called “La Cachucha” only five minutes walk each. At two minutes walk there is a train station communicating the town with major cities such as Cadiz, San Fernando, El Puerto de Santa María or Jerez de la Frontera, where you can find the closest airport.

Airports Connections:

Jerez de la Frontera, 35km. Direct train to Puerto Real.
Seville, 118km. Direct train to Puerto Real.
Gibraltar, 107km, no train connections.
Málaga, 217 km, no direct train connections.
Madrid, 652km, direct train connection to Puerto Real.


8. Accomodation

The residence of artists does not include accomodation. It should be managed by the artist. “El Viajero Alado” will provide information about accomodation according to the needs and economical requirements of any resident.


9. Facilities

Artists will have at their disposal a private division for working, use of a complete profesional nontoxic printmaking workshop , profesional print press (80x140cm), specialized library and technical counsel if needed.

There is a specific room in the house for those artists who may want to produce their own handmade paper. For this use, a specific training course must be taken previously.

Artists will also have at their disposal a bike hiring service (10 euros a week, with a 100 euros deposit refundable when returning the bike)


10. Fares

The Residence of Artists “El Viajero Alado” is a completely private initiative with neither institutional support nor grant. The stay will take from one to four weeks. The cost per week starts at 200 euros, accomodation not included. We can find you accomodation from 30 euros per night depending on the time of the year and the availability.

“El viajero alado” neither teaches printmaking nor gives grants.


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