Antonia Santolaya Ruiz-Clavijo

Antonia Santolaya Ruiz-Clavijo


Antonia Santolaya Ruiz-Clavijo

There is a place in which there are no more rules than that one you want to put. Where coworkers may be a cold lion or a deaf and dumb violin. Mornings are blank and the evenings are colored.

Antonia Santolaya Ruiz-Clavijo was born in Ribafrecha (La Rioja) in 1966. She studied Fine Arts in Madrid and printmaking at the University of St. Martin's in London. Later, she returned to Madrid and during a time she is dedicated to painting, sculpture and engraving.

Subsequently, she begins to engage in the illustration. Many of her works are devoted to children and young people. She also collaborates with several publications targeted at the adult audience. Antonia Santolaya is illustrating a children's series of biographies of writers wonderful, as Maria Zambrano, Gloria Strong, Virginia Woolf or Carmen Martín Gaite, written by Luisa Antolín.

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