Bárbara Shunyí

Bárbara Shunyí

passionate desire for experimentation

Bárbara Shunyí

Born in Cadiz, in 1966. A bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville.

She has performed individual and group exhibitions, still her work represented in museums and private collections around the world.


A fertile dissatisfaction

First of all, it is necessary to start by saying who Bárbara Shunyí is. This authoress from Cadiz (Spain) stood out, for years, like a scholar of the engraving not toxicant. She was present in several foreign cities where the printing had a special incidence, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen and, especially, Beijing, where the oriental engraving marks a few routes of big significance and transcendence.

The work of this authoress places us in the great artistic approaches that the graphic work provides and she develops it with the rigor and the enthusiasm that this artistic form requires. Engraving appears before us in varied techniques where Eastern and Western juxtapose their borders in a wise exercise of references.

Notebook of Beijing clearly transcends a forceful artistic truth. Each piece suggests a clear formal passion where the artistic piece does not offer doubt. At the same time, the spectator is located with the fortitude of a perfectly defined concept, the visual sense that carries a special graphic manifest with oriental connotations. The spectator observes the perfection of its distributive elements and the plain intervention of the artist.

Notebook of Beijing encourages the pleasure for the good work. Search for a perfect happy ending that puts us in a horizon novel in which to record the blunt reality of an artist who knows what she does, what she wants and how to accomplish this.

Bernardo Palomo. Prestigious Spanish art critic.


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