David Collantes

David Collantes

Art in the neighborhood

David Collantes

Born on 17 March 1995, in El Puerto de Santa María. After a photography course he begins being interested by this one like a madman, advancing and discovering what is really the photography: a history, a feeling... Something with what he could express himself.

"Considering the present in which we live with so many differences, I have always worked in my photography with medium - low level people, those people that we don't normally see on large posters. In my neighborhood I am starting to extend the work Art in the Neighborhood. In this work, I'm looking for the beauty of the composition, an image that tells and expresses what happens, typical things of my neighborhood, its people, its animals... I realize increasingly than when people are photographed in their daily environment, they are more comfortable, so they are photographed in a more personal way, and this is exactly what I am looking for. I try to understand people and know their problems to help them in some way to express what they feel.

The photo is there, you must only compose it and shoot. And for that you must have good eye and very little shame.

Each person has a thousand and one stories for telling and they stay reflected in a picture. Not so important people for many but really important to others. In my neighborhood I am very pleased, so I have facility to photograph everything as I want, always with caution; not everyone likes the same in a photo. But I feel that there is a lot of art in this neighborhood and I need to photograph it."

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