Jack Mircala

Jack Mircala

Gothic and poetic

Jack Mircala

With simple materials specific to a class of crafts, Jack Mircala creates scenes and sculptures that once photographed illustrate their own literary adventures. The heterogeneous style of Mircala takes as reference the fantastic films and science fiction, the European artistic avant-garde of the 20th century, the decorative arts and industrial design, generating a repertoire of new aesthetic potential and happily found in the combination of disparate influences.

Scissors, glue, cutter and a cardboards choice, are everything he needs to express himself artistically, exhibiting a technical and plastic virtuosity that is at the service of a very personal creative sensibility.

The works selected for the exhibition in El Viajero Alado are pieces of figurative nature belonging to various unpublished works or already edited in several of his illustrated books, and also some experiments in abstract concept that have allowed Mircala reunited with her facet more constructivist, deeply ingrained in him because of his training as a designer.


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