Mehata Hiroshi

Mehata Hiroshi


Mehata Hiroshi

Mehata Sentimental Legend is a Sound Artist/Visual Artist from Tokyo, Japan. Music which unites primitive with the future superfluously. The unconscious world between the extreme of a dream, an actual boundary line and light, and a shadow. The super-future is the super-past and one. Space is distorted and the new world is made to appear.

Mehata’s work is an experience that engages the five senses. He combines precise fine art with ethereal music to produce a moment of spiritual clarity. The viewer steps into a world of dreams, a place in which the subconscious and the conscious meet and reality can bend. To listen to Mehata’s music is to enter into another realm of possibility. Memories are remembered or created. Feelings
emerge. A sense is created that, even for a moment, the inconceivable is a possibility.

Transcending the typical gallery experience, the viewer is swept into Mehata’s vision—one of poetry, timelessness, and a deep love of the land from which he came.

Inspired by his Japanese history and culture, Mehata is consistently in search of his authentic sound. His current form comes from years of exploration and experimentation. Without limit to the scope of emotion, he wants the viewer to feel his work freely and without superimposed purpose. Connection is essential, whether it be a connection to people, emotions or the history and beauty of Japan.

One theme Mehata explores is the tension between the old and new vision of the world—historic buildings in the bustling modern city, the cultural legacy of the Silk Road, and aging methods of culture; the sense of distance and misunderstanding of the truth. Other concepts of his art include animism, polytheism, and worship of
the invisible.

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