Susana Guerrero

Susana Guerrero

specialised in sculpture and engraving

Susana Guerrero

Susana Guerrero Sempere (Elche, 1972), a plastic visual artist specialised in sculpture and engraving who works, since 2003, as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Miguel Hernández in Elche, Alicante (Campus of Altea), where she teaches the subject of graphic reproduction techniques.

A bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Susana Guererro works equally sculpture and engraving, although it could be said that some of her sculptures reach the field of installation.

The artist takes care of the whole creative process by providing the same importance to both the inspiration and the end result. For this reason, the creative confesses always carry a notebook where she makes drawings, collages and taking notes.

In recent times, Susana Guerrero has explored the field of photography and she is working on a series of scenes in which uses both the sculpture as objects and her own body.

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