Traveller's friends club

Traveller's friends club

From El Viajero Alado we are pleased to inform you about the advantages of belonging to the Traveller's friends Club

Our Art Fund is dynamic, flexible and broad, where you can:

  • To enjoy a variety of works from different artists of high caliber in a more reserved and warm environment.
  • To book an artwork and defer its payment.
  • To split the payment in easy installments without interest or to obtain preferential and exclusive discounts up to 15% on cash payments. It's simple, you just have to become a member of Traveller's friends Club. You choose your fee, which can be modified even by phone. This fee is accumulated for future works, and if you want we can send excerpts of what are you saving.
  • The member always has priority when choosing artwork. You can visit the exhibitions before the inauguration, or we can notify you when we have an artist's work that interests you.
  • We can get you works by other artists.
  • We can offer you free advice to create your collection and processing certificates.
  • We can offer you promotions of graphic work and exclusive limited series for members.
  • Customized information about the artists of whom purchase work.

If you are interested, just fill out the subscription form attached.

Fund of Art Gallery El Viajero Alado

The amounts paid will be refunded provided in artwork, and the subscription will be a minimum of one year from the date of subscription.

Methods of payment:

1- Minimum monthly fee of 30 €. To greater share, greater discount.

Fee of

50€ - 60€

61€ - 150€

151€ - 300€

Discount of




2- Fractionation of the price of the work in twelve monthly payments without interest. The work may be withdrawn once paid 50% of its value.

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